Receptionists in this hotel wears DENIM today, it looks good!!

イギリスのDouble Denim Recordsより7inchをリリースします!!4月予定です。
限定300枚なのでお早めに。もうDouble Denimのオフィシャルでpre order出来るようです。

DD011 - Hotel Mexico - A Space in the Loveless Field
A. A Space in the Loveless Field
B. Wolves running through the Desert
detail info and pre-order at Double Denim Records

I posted the last one in Jan, and spring is coming now. As we shouted on Facebook and Twitter recently, HOTEL MEXICO new 7inch is to be released from UK label Double Denim Records in April!!! We've been playing both 2 songs in live since last summer, so you may know them. It always happens to bands and labels that it took a bit long time to announce the new release since they had made it. This was the first case for us, now we are so excited that we 'break this out in good weather' indeed. You check the sleeve of this item above, WE LOVE IT. It's also the first time anyone created our item's artwork. We are glad such a good one came up!! This is 300 copies limited, please grab your own one!