What we do during the week... Kai


My heart beat fast and my head swam after I watched this film. Watching such a great film made me think 'What did I do?', a feeling have even a small regret and nervous. I appreciate that I could watch it in cinema. This is a masterpiece!!


Nespa, a restaurant in Osaka. It's simply good because the atmosphere doesn't say too much. I always think good restaurants in foreign old novels should had been like this. They have one in Tokyo.


I don't like teardrop sunglasses. But I liked this one because it's simple and gave me soft impression. But I broke it's frame soon. Fast fashion don't store items. Anybody, give me this pair of sunglasses please.

Clash Magazine

There are a few music magazines we can read after teens. You don't like they feature only very young bands annoy you, but you are not dying yet to read just mature critics. Clash Magazine satisfies me. At first, it's a good read. So I don't care if they say different from me. You can buy it in Japan now. Why did they freshen it's design and went nicer after I stop subscribing?

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